Friday, September 12, 2008


Yup. I'm having too much fun.

Which is probably why I have to go out of town again tomorrow. But hey, just for grins, a couple more tiny linocut cuties. The Amazing and Fantabulous Blog Readers' Special Involving Tiny Linos is still to come. Still waiting on technology. But the anticipation is mounting. Can ya' feel it?

Back on Monday. See ya then.


  1. But the anticipation is mounting. Can ya' feel it?

    Why, yes. Yes, I can.

    Those linocuts look beaut. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. man, I wish I could get my hands on all these tiny linos. they're fantastic.

  3. Oh what a great idea: minnows! Your artistry is surpassed only by your imagination...

    I'm tickled to have been able to buy some of these little linos of yours. The check is in the mail (well, unless you've already received it!) I can hardly wait; yeah, the anticipation is mounting!

  4. :-D I guess it's a good thing my web guru is coming over to help me set up the shopping cart tomorrow then, eh? Thanks, all, for the lovely comments.


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