Thursday, September 24, 2009

Is it really color 7 already?

It appears that the oak leaf linocut is back on track, at least for now. It's astounding to think that there are already 7 colors on this print (2 grays, 3 tans, yellow and orange), but that's where we are. There are at least 4 more to go, so this might turn out to be the most complex image of the series (so far!)

We're off in the morning to Delta County (western slope), for the "Dinner Stories" Artposium with Colorado Art Ranch. We'll be harvesting pears and writing poetry in the orchard on Saturday morning, and thankfully the weather gods seem to be ready to cooperate. It's been cold and rainy and even (ack!) snowy here all week, but things are clearing off and the forecast calls for autumnal perfection for the next three days. (oh please oh please....) I'm hoping for a little journal entry time, too. I can't WAIT to sit under a pear tree and breathe for a while.

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  1. Have a fabulous time! Give Rosemerry a hug for me (she and Eric are the orchard owners I'm writing about for Zone 4 magazine, once I get done with the homegrown power article for Audubon. Yikes.)

    We're off to Denver for more testing of Richard's brain. Keep your fingers crossed....