Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wet dogs and hikers and bears, oh my!

Roadside, end of season

Maybe it's a Wednesday thing, but it sure seems like the Universe is still testing my drawing resolve.

This morning I gathered up paper, pencils and paints and headed up Greens Creek to sketch. The DM and I hiked this lovely trail a bit on Sunday, it's one of my favorites.

The trailhead is less than 15 miles from home, up a dirt road in to the national forest. At 8:30 on a Wednesday morning after a holiday weekend, I figured things would be pretty quiet. Except maybe for bears. (We had one in town last night, a sure sign that they're stepping up their winter preparations.) There was one other vehicle in the parking area when I arrived... it all looked good. I hiked a little way up the trail and settled in to draw a ridiculously complex scene of a cascade in the creek. I was a little nervous that the creek was so loud I wouldn't be able to hear bears, but I really wanted to draw.

Maybe 30 minutes passed as I struggled to get in to the drawing "zone." The verdict was still out on my ability to salvage the marks made so far when suddenly I was overtaken, not by a bear or weed-whacking convicts, but by three wet dogs.

Most definitely I would not have heard a bear if I didn't hear three dogs splashing in the creek and the four or five people who were with them coming up the trail.

I was of course sitting precisely at dog level, so it was happy wet tails and muddy feet and slobbery muzzles and chaos... paintbox overturned, pencils flying... (sigh). The entourage apologized and assured me they wouldn't be back my way for a long time, but I never did reclaim my tenuous hold on the drawing and the location. I packed up and headed back down to the trailhead, where I perched alongside the road... in full view of anyone or anything that might wander by. More success there, but after an hour my growling stomach hauled me to my feet.

You know what this means, don't you? Uh huh. The Stubborn One goes out again tomorrow morning. Stay tuned for the further adventures of Whodathunkit. And no, I'm not selling the movie rights.


  1. If only I had the Colorado Rockies to draw. Such beauty. Consider yourself blessed.

  2. Why not (sell the movie rights, I mean)? Enjoy that DM and the ongoing Green Creek saga. My adventures run along the lines of outmaneuvering other drivers to get a space in the VA Med Center free parking garage.... Gotta run with with you get, I guess. ;~)

  3. I had such a funny visual of the happy dogs greeting you. We have lots of streams and cage-free dogs here too, so although I've never seen them actually spill art supplies, I can totally picture the scene! It must've been very frustrating, but it makes a great story. (quite blog-worthy)

    Your drawing of the end of season plant is great! Very expressive. Love the colors!

    I'm looking forward to hearing about tomorrow's adventures.

  4. well at least the dogs are better then convicts or a bear ;)

    hopefully you manage a day without anyone or anything interrupting you soon

  5. Susan, I'm not selling the rights because I'm gonna make the film myself. How else will I be sure the right Hollywood starlet plays ME?

    Yup, I am reminded every day that I live in a fabulous place. Even if it is occasionally overrun with wet dogs and convicts. ;-) An interruption-free sketch goes up today!