Thursday, September 10, 2009

Weird interruptions 2, Artist 1

Hooray! I made it through an outdoor drawing expedition without wet dogs or convicts! There WAS an annoying incident involving a woman, a bag of grain, and a noisy bunch of aggressive domestic geese that have been dumped in the state wildlife area where I went to draw. Grumble grumble grumble. But that was between drawings, not smack in the middle of them, so hardly counted.

Elm roots, Sands Lake SWA

I did learn that the problem with going to draw at a place where I regularly walk and take note of birds is that my first compulsion is to pick up binoculars and keep moving. I made a quick circuit of the lake, just to see what was around and then, WHEW! Managed some quality time with my pencil.

[And in case you're wondering, the quickie bird list included: Canada geese, American wigeon, common goldeye (an unusual juv that spent the summer here), a lesser scaup (seems early), gadwall, mallards (with ducklings), coots (with cootlings), Wilson's warblers by the bucketload, yellow warbler, evening grosbeak, red-winged blackbird, black phoebe, belted kingfisher, 60+ pinyon jays, blue jay, great-tailed grackle, lesser goldfinch, black-capped chickadee.]


  1. glad you managed to get some drawing outside :D Looks good, nice linework.

  2. That's a quickie bird list? Wow!I'd be lucky to list 10 or 12 around here. But I'm in suburbia!

  3. Thanks, Jennifer.

    Dinah, the lake is actually a settling pond for the fish hatchery, and it's right next to the Arkansas River, so it gets a lot of action. In the spring my usual 4-5 mile walk can turn up 60 species. It's pretty darn fun! Even in the winter I regularly tick 30-35 along this stretch. Come and play!

  4. What a beautiful tangle of tree roots.

    I was actually envious of your tale of the wet tails and doggy slobber - it sounded pretty blissful to me ;) And all those wonderful birds!!!

  5. Sherrie, I usually frequent photo blogs but I like stopping by your blog several times a week because I have always loved drawing and illustration. I did a linocut in high school 30+ years ago. Not an easy task. I think it was a linocut but not positive. It was in my art class. Just wanted to say enjoy watching your work. Carol

  6. Hi Sherrie,

    I just have to swoon right here on your blog :) I just received my journal (sueded leather cover, beads, beautiful papers:) and it is more beautiful in person than it was on your Etsy page. Your artistic talents are wonderful.

    Thank you so much,


  7. Lindy! Thanks, I'm glad your new journal speaks to you... I'm sure it will be more than happy to receive what you have to say!

    Carol, I'm honored to be "the non-photo blog." Surprise! I like to check photo blogs sometimes, too... and you have some nice images.

    Robyn.. thanks. And next time I will send slobbery dogs to you. ;-)