Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Down shift


In the wake of abrupt, simultaneous completion of several long projects I hit a wall. Hard. By mid-day today I was in a stupor and stumbled upstairs for a "quick" nap. Two hours later consciousness was regained.

That's better.

So... second color down on the new linocut of sticks and oak leaves (working title: "Decay," although that might not stick, since there's a secret little non-decaying element that will hopefully materialize as this image evolves).

After supper we took our usual stroll to the river (a whopping five blocks away) and I picked up my first autumn leaves of the season.

It's been a quirky sort of day, but it sure feels good to switch to a lower gear.


  1. Hi, Sherrie,

    I love your drawings in your journal. I see some text there as well. Now to try this myself.

    Sounds as though you're working wayyyyyyy to hard. A break is needed. Now to try this myself.

    Whoops! I'm repeating :-D


  2. Hey Lindy... :-) It seems that you are repeating a need to try some things yourself... so I'll be the echo this time: "Try this yourself!"

  3. I am anxious to see how "Decay" continues to evolve, but I am loving these journal entries!

  4. I just give you the Kreativ Blogger Award, which comes with a very nice little badge. Here's the deal: http://tinyurl.com/l6czoa