Monday, August 31, 2009

How to celebrate finishing a project, redux

Yippee! By this time tomorrow two long, drawn-out, angst-inducing projects will be delivered to their respective clients and breathing room will miraculously materialize. Duration of said breathing time is undetermined, but I can guarantee I will revel in it.

To celebrate, a quickie sketch of carrots from our farm share. This week's bunch was quite quirky... full of two- and three-legged beasties which became salad with raisins in short order. After weeks and weeks of fussy, tight, particularity-driven work it felt grand to scribble and splash a bit. Whew.


  1. Ooh! Two goodies - completion and fresh carrots!Yay! (And carrots with raisins is grand.Ever try adding a little orange peel?)

  2. I've said it before but it's always a treat to see your sketches. Enjoy your freedom!

    Belated thanks, Sherrie for the Gustave Baumann and Crawhall links on my blog. Crawhall I've long been a fan of, but have found a lot of beautiful Baumann prints for the first time. Fantastic.

  3. Oh, I love this wonderful sketch of the carrots. They are so full of life!

  4. Beautiful! I love how the carrot leaves flow into the other page and how you've lightly framed the carrots and added your journal writing below. A really lovely, eye-pleasing entry.

    Congrats on finishing the projects!

  5. Wow! That looks like a great sketch for something like, say, a cookbook done in an informal style that alludes to a field journal....

    Congrats on being so close to having both projects-from-heck off your desk. May the breathing room be particularly spacious and inspiring!

  6. :-D Can you see my grin from where you are? Thanks, everyone...

    Idle.. I've done pineapple in carrot/raisin salad, but I don't think orange... shall have to try it.

    Susan... hmmm... yes... funny how that seems like just the thing! ;-)

    I'm still reveling in time today to carve, carve, carve. Which is good, because this new print is kind of crazy. Go figure.