Sunday, August 2, 2009

Has it only been 48 hours?

David tuning up (or perhaps waking up) at the Farmers Market

How much can be crammed in to one weekend? A lot!

Despite our early morning setup for Farmers Market this weekend, we (foolishly?) decided to have a little happy hour gathering at our place Friday night. Fun! At least until it was followed by a fairly sleepless night. Ooph.

Thank goodness we only had to go two blocks from our house to the Market for our 7:00am booth setup Saturday morning. We ALWAYS go to the Farmers Market: a) because it's easy coffee for the DM, b) because we have to pick up our CSA share, and c) because there's no better way to visit with friends and neighbors than over fresh, local food in a sunny green park.

This weekend, however, we had signed up to have a booth of our own! Salida ArtWorks bought vendor space for the Market season and offered days to local artists and musicians... a brilliant idea for keeping the offerings "fresh," (that's a market pun, get it?) and for letting busy people participate without having to commit to the entire 16 weeks.

Fortified with coffee and scones (and later with Thai noodles), we enjoyed a sparkling summer morning chatting with neighbors and visitors and explaining both reduction linocuts AND the Chapman Stick. David sold CDs and I sold linocuts... in all a rousing success.

Saturday afternoon we schlepped everything back home and I carved for the next color in the ditch linocut (coming up in a separate post). We also moved our cars to the next block for 24 hours, as our street corner became part of the route for this year's Salida Omnium. All day Sunday we heard the whoosh of cyclists coming around the house... dizzying!

Who needs the Tour de France?

This morning I printed the seventh (second-to-last) color on the new lino. This afternoon we ran errands and stopped in at the Chaffee County Fair... and David learned that a fabulous review of his new CD went up on the Stick Enterprises website this evening! Woohoo!

Almost makes me wish for another weekend so we can recover from this one, but that's the way summer goes! Someone this morning said, "Rest in November," so I guess that's what we'll do.

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  1. Sorry we missed you. But Crestone was good. Pat Musick, Carolyn Duckworth, and Sara Drummond send hugs and greetings. And check out my haiku from the drive home on FB.