Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ditch linocut finished!

(Sigh) Sorry I always seem to get these shots with big shiny spots in the middle. Blame wet ink and poor lighting and a flash. But you get the idea. Color #8 is down! It looks black here, but it's really a dark blue/brown.

I have an entry deadline tomorrow and I'm trying to decide if I should send this one...

"Ditch" linocut 9 x 12 inches

In the meantime... today I'm working on a watercolor commission. Crazy. I haven't done a "straight up" watercolor painting in such a long time. The first attempt was a disaster, plain and simple. Second attempt is going along better... I'm still ambivalent about it, but I think it will meet the requirements of the project.

As I'm working I'm intrigued by the constant chatter in my head... "hey, this is kinda fun... oh.. that's an ugly mark... wow, look at that paint settle out so pretty... oh, yuck, I can't make this brush do what I want..." It's a different internal conversation than the one I have during carving/printing of linos, and for today it's rather refreshing. (Even if it IS slightly tormented.)


  1. all the detail in that is amazing! I'm in awe at what you can do with the lino.

  2. Sherri,
    Unless you want to keep the lino for yourself, submit it.
    I'm continually intrigued by our responses to doing stuff that's close to what we typically do, yet still a bit distant: ie your watercoloring. From what I've encountered, both secondhand and directly, your "torment," see par for the course. (sorry, it almost sound as though i'm calling you, normal.)
    let us know whether you submit this lino, and how the watercolor commission goes.

  3. I see it but I still don't believe it! Incredible detail, Sherrie. Beautiful. Send it!

    I do hope we are going to see your watercolour - I'd say simple by comparison with what you have achieved here.

  4. wow!!!

    and do show the watercolour

  5. Okay, then! I spent some time this morning trying to get a nice shot of "Ditch," since the ink is still wet and the deadline is tomorrow, no time for professional photography. (Yikes!)In the end I got something decent and off it went. (Thank goodness for digital submissions, eh?)

    I'm feeling a bit pensive about it, just because my jury record has been lukewarm this season. Last year I got spoiled... had work accepted to everything I applied for. This year? I suppose I'm running 50/50. Maybe.

    And Robyn, Yes! The watercolor much simpler, both in design and execution. I'd post it now, but it's a "surprise" as part of an award and it's possible the recipient reads BnB. Award will be given the end of the month, I'll try to remember to post it then.

    Cheers, everyone! I'm feeling DELIGHTED to suddenly be down to one pressing project for the remainder of the week. Hurrah!

  6. That's gorgeous, Sherrie! You will have to come here and draw more inspiration from the tangled bank of rainforest.

  7. Beautiful! No ditch around here looks half as great.

  8. Your linocuts blow me away... absolutely beautiful!!!

    Do you use unmounted lino or mounted lino for these? They are exquisite!


  9. Snail, sign me up!

    Katka... Hmmm. I'll bet there are some surprising ditches everywhere! You just have to be willing to walk into fence posts and things because you're always looking at your feet! ;-)

    Jen... Usually I buy unmounted lino and mount it myself on 3/4" pressboard. (Wood glue works great.) This one, however, was a pre-mounted "Speedball" block.

  10. Yay Sherrie - another great lino complete! Congrats!


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