Wednesday, August 12, 2009

There and back again

The DM's 5-year-old niece and her family were in Denver this last week, so off we toddled to The Big City. Again. Not sure how it is that we seem to be spending so much time running back and forth to cities this summer, but that's the way it has panned out.

Being in the company of a 5-year-old was a good excuse to go to the zoo, of course... so even though I knew I wouldn't get a LOT of time to draw, I still schlepped along my sketchbook. Definitely not an "on" day, but as I told the DM, "A day of bad drawings is better than.... just about anything except a day of good drawings."

Philosopher I ain't.

Before we left I did manage to start up the next installment of the "Underfoot" linocut series. The drawing isn't quite finished, but should be ready to meet a chisel on the weekend. The remainder of this week will be spent catching up on tasks for this year's Audubon Adventures. We're nearing publication deadline, so things are at a fever pitch.


  1. You may not be a philosopher, but I like your philosophy :-)

    Good luck with the Audubon Adventures project. Don't forget to breath every once in a while.

  2. Love that snoozing big cat! And yes, breathe. AA will be over, and other things will fill the gap. With any luck, some of them will take you in new directions with your art....