Saturday, August 15, 2009

And I thought I was going to get work done today

HA! I should have known better. First, our regular Saturday morning trip to the Farmers Market to pick up our CSA share from Weathervane Farm.

THIS is what our kitchen counter looks like every Saturday morning. (Although the weekly ginormous head of lettuce had already gone to the fridge by the time I thought to get out the camera.) Feeling jealous? Check out the Weathervane blog, where Caitlin keeps us up to date on farm news (FROST this week!), lists the contents of our treasure box, and gets us started with recipe tips. I'm already worrying about how we'll readjust to store-bought veggies once the season is over.

After the market and the usual Saturday morning errands, the DM packed up his gear and headed down to Riverside Park for his first of three gigs during the Salida Riverside Arts Festival. After the set his roadie/groupie/sherpa (that would be me) helped him schlep gear back home, and by then it was time for lunch. Naturally we headed back down to the park, intending to do a quick cruise of the Festival and be home in time to get work done.

Your Surrogate Cousin, the Deluxe Extended Edition

After lunch I remembered that we needed to check out a great little photography show at the Paquette Gallery, the work of brothers Russell and Clinton Bauder. Russell and Clinton live in California, but I know Russell because he has been a gracious and enthusiastic collector of Sherrie York linocuts. In fact, last week I received this fabulously heartwarming photo:

Russell and his fiancee Carolyn have been hard at work remodelling their new home. A delay in the work (ain't that ALWAYS the case?) set back their move-in, so while all of their "stuff" is stacked in the garage, they are sleeping on an air mattress in the unfinished house.

But what do they have in the house with them, their cat, and the air mattress? Three tree linos stacked along the wall! If ever I needed a boost (and the day the photo arrived, I most certainly DID)... well.... this is it.

So. In the waning minutes of this day I'm going to get a narrative written for a show proposal, and then (hopefully) get the drawing finished for the new linocut in the "Underfoot" series. The roadie/groupie/sherpa will also be CD wench tomorrow morning for the DM's solo set at the Festival... can I carve lino and sell music at the same time? Worth a try!


  1. Yikes! I've clearly been out of town too much. I forgot about going to the park to hear your DM and group, and forgot the reception for Bauder brothers' show as well. Huh. Must be old age or something, or too much time on the road. Congrats on the finished lino in the Underfoot series--it is a beauty--and have fun selling music and thinking about the new one.

  2. WOW! Frost in Salida already. It was 65 here in the desert early this morning - great for our early morning walk with our dogs - but at noon it is now a tad over 100 degrees.

    So much goes on in Salida. I used to walk around town and attend all that stuff. Fun times :)


  3. Susan, I plead the Fifth on whether forgetfulness is a function of busy-ness or age. We just can't go there!

    Lindy, you are right... SO much goes on in Salida. In summer it borders on too much. No, it doesn't even border. It IS too much. But it's all good, even if a bit overwhelming trying to keep track of where one is supposed to be and when. I decided tonight that tomorrow morning I am just going for a WALK. Not TO anything or FOR anything. Just a walk! Hooray!

  4. Hmmmmm????? Does that "just a walk" mean that you didn't even take a sketch pad with
    you?????? :-D


  5. Little book (from the cigar box mini books) in my pocket, of course. But mostly I just walked and looked at critters. GREAT morning.