Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Things get away

Yesterday's rainy ( hooray!) afternoon was spent facilitating a little journal workshop at the beautiful straw bale home of a friend. I'm exploring the possibility of adding more writing to my usual workshop repertoire, and three good friends agreed to be guinea pigs for a few hours.

What's that line about "one teaches best what one most needs to learn?" Um, yeah.

Loyal readers may recall that once upon a time "Brush and Baren" sported a lot more field sketches than it has lately. In the wake of yesterday's workshop I am contemplating conversations about all the things that "get away from us" in busy lives and over-committed schedules... and realizing much of my recent angst and grumpiness has come from letting myself get away from me.


So this morning I've christened a new journal, built by me some weeks ago, and patiently awaiting the finishing touches and beginning entries. I started with this little portion of the honeysuckle in the yard, now in berry. One of the last entries in the previous journal was a sprig of this same plant in flower. It seemed appropriate to pick up again just beyond where I left off.


  1. Nice! What a lovely insight, and a lovely sketch too. Seems appropriate that insight should lead to equally wonderful art....

  2. Oh thank you for sharing a field sketch, Sherrie - this exact plant is growing in the yard of our apartment and I didn't know what it was. Now I know! I've been admiring those berries...

  3. Beautiful berries, great colour!

  4. Glad to help with ID, Gabrielle. I confess this plant was identified for me by a neighbor when we moved in.

    Ronell, thanks for letting me know you stopped in so I could get a look at your lovely sketches, too!