Thursday, November 5, 2009

Almost done...

Color #9 changes the attitude of this image again.... Color #10 will give it a final tweak. I wonder what it will be...

It occurred to me today that this will likely be the last multi-color reduction image until the end of December! Why, you ask? Well! Let me tell you!

The DM and I have taken friends up on an offer to house-sit from about mid-November until mid-December. In California. On the coast. Wheeee! We're treating the adventure as something of an artist/musician residency, so we will be packing up assorted gear for working on linos and new recordings, but we're not going to go TOO crazy. Once upon a time I worked on multi-color linos on an out-of-state residency, and then had to deal with the problem of transporting still-tacky prints back home.

So, for the trip it will be mostly drawings and sketches and thinking about prints... and maybe printing a few single- or two-color linos.

The good news/bad news is that a client project can't be abandoned for a month, so I'll be taking my computer along. I'll have to do work... but I'll get to post, too.

In unrelated news, this little photo is for Iris and Beki. (And Deborah!) Yup, I started trying to knit again. (It was this time last year when the first attempts were made.) Aren't you proud?


  1. You amaze me!All that cuttin' an' colourin'...
    California should be a little warmer than Colorado. Have fun!

  2. That last color really ties everything together. I can't wait to see it finished. :) It's so exciting!

  3. I would love to take a class from you someday. This whole process fascinates me.

  4. Yowza! That's just a spectacular lino. Can't wait to see where it ends up. (I know, you can't either....) Great knitting project too. Should I ask what it is? ;~)

  5. The color palette on this one has definitely been experimental, but I'm okay with it. The next one... well.. who knows?

    Toni, I'll let you know! I'm working on getting more workshops lined up for next year... maybe there's a venue at PI that would have me?

  6. Looking pretty! and the knitting's looking nice, too. Is it going more smoothly than last year?

  7. Yes, Beki... it is. More or less. It was a stumbling start, but seems good now! And now I can do FOUR kinds of stitches instead of just one. Tomorrow the world.