Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kreativ redirection

I find it curious, and somewhat appropriate, that every time I click to open my blog dashboard the browser title bar gives a little spin and says "redirecting." If only a click were all we ever needed to refocus our attention, eh?

My list of posts-to-do is looming large, but writer, colleague, and friend Susan Tweit tagged me WEEKS AGO with the Kreativ Blogger Award, so a little redirect seems to be in order.

The tasks for the award recipient are these:

1. List 7 things that I love
2. Link back to the blog that awarded it to me
3. Choose 7 blogs to award as ‘Kreativ Bloggers’
4. Comment at each blog to let them know they’ve been chosen

So here we go... my Seven Loved Things:

1. Ginger anything. Fresh ginger, pickled ginger, gingerbread, ginger tea, ginger beer. Ginger in dark chocolate. What's not to love?

2. A new sketchbook, second only to a filled sketchbook.

3. Going away, because it means I also get to come back.

4. Fresh lino blocks, second only to completed prints. (I'm cheating, aren't I?)

5. Our farm share from Weathervane, now over for the season and already sorely missed.

6. Discovery.

7. The Darling Man, aka David. This might seem obvious, but...

I lived as a single and solitary person for my entire adult life until David. After he came along I realized that at the ripe old age of 46 I knew how to live by myself (thank you very much), but I didn't know how to live with another person. It seemed as if it was time to give it a try.

The learning curve has been steeper than I expected-- the biggest surprise came when I realized how much of my self identity (and self worth) was tied to my independence. Had it not been for David's patience and sterling sense of humor I would have 86'd the whole idea of redirected status. But he's still here and I'm still here and we're still laughing... so when our second anniversary comes around this month we will definitely be celebrating.

Next, seven bloggers I want to recognize with the Kreativ Blogger Award because their work inspires and informs my days (in no particular order):

Robyn at Have Dogs, Will Travel. She keeps me on my toes, always posting something that makes me think, "Dang. I have to go work more."

Bronwyn at Snail's Eye View. B recently shifted house and life to far north Queensland, and every time she makes a post it's like peering through the looking glass to some mysterious Otherworld. What's not to love about THAT?

Debby at Drawing the Motmot. Just go look. See if you don't feel simultaneously shamed and inspired. I always do.

Amie at Printsy. Amie has her own blog and squidoo lens and a thousand other things, but at Printsy she posts fabulous interviews with printmakers from all over the world.

Annie at Woodblock Dreams. Mind. Boggling. Cage. Rattling. Woodcuts. 'Nuf said.

There are plenty of others, but as usual someone else tagged them before I got my act together.

We now redirect you to your day (or evening) already in progress.


  1. A well-deserved award, Sherrie. Congratulations.

  2. I'll have to think about this. May take a while because you mentioned ginger.

    Mmmmm ... ginger ...

  3. Thank you. Wow, I loved your story about you and David. It takes such courage to say yes to another human being and to keep standing there. Happy 2 year anniversary. I looked at your web site again. I love the "Underfoot" series. Similar to the man in Washington, but very different as you said. Your pieces give the eye more direction and places to rest, which my eyes appreciate very much.

  4. I'm deeply touched to be included in such inspiring company, Sherrie. Thank you. I'll always be grateful for you taking my first early printmaking efforts seriously.

    What a lovely way you've shared the story of your relationship with David. Your happiness is so apparent. Oh, and I'm mad about ginger too. As a child I used to ask Santa for a bag of crystallised ginger every Christmas.

  5. Ginger to David--great list! You are an inspiration, you know, even when you don't break into our house while we're away to retrieve the airline tickets.... ;~)

  6. Shhhh, 6p00e54ece.... (AKA Susan, I don't know WHY you get a secret code name)... anyway... we agreed to keep my housebreaking skills quiet, didn't we? :-)

  7. Ginger, me three. Gingersnaps with cayenne pepper, for instance.The dark chocolate with ginger is unbelievably good.

    Thanks for the honor, and congratulations to you for yours, and I'll look for some recipes to round things out.