Monday, November 16, 2009


There's a big pile of stuff by the door and a long list of last-minute minutiae on the table... I think we're just about ready to get on the road. I'm SO glad I elected not to pack up the entire office, in part because there won't be any room in the car for it, anyway. Geez. I can leave the country for two months with a daypack and a carry-on, but can I drive across three (okay, four) states with less than 60 pounds of stuff? Of course not.

Foolish optimism drove my belief that this afternoon I would kick back and make a little drawing to launch the journey. Right. Hasn't happened. If I end up not sleeping tonight (as is often the case before big trips), I may still get something done, but don't hold your breath.

Despite snow and cold, a few intrepid sketchers joined me for a little local sketchcrawl on Saturday. We ended up crawling through local stores to stay out of the weather, which turned out to be fun! Coffee shop, dog shop (where we tried unsuccessfully to sketch squirming participants in puppy kindergarten), kitchen store, herb-and-tea shop... Drawings were definitely outside the usual subject realm, although you can see that in the kitchen store I did still manage to find some wildlife to draw. Sort of.

We've a looooonnnnnnng day of driving ahead of us tomorrow, but the rest of the journey will enjoy a more leisurely pace. Whew! Catch up with everyone in a few days!

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