Sunday, November 8, 2009

Leaf litter linocut

One of these days I'm going to get good lighting and a decent camera and have images to show you that have neither reflections nor shadows across them. One of these days.

In the meantime... we do what we can. A tenth color went down yesterday on the new linocut... tentatively titled "Leaf Litter," although I have a large one in mind on this same theme, so I don't know if I want to use the title yet. This image is 6" x 9."

I have mixed feelings about how this piece turned out. I feel good about the experimenting I did with color, especially the order in which it was applied. In terms of color palette, this is the most diverse thing I've done, I think. I wanted a contrast between warmer leaves and cooler ground tones, which sort of works, but could have been more pronounced. The final color looks a little too much like black... The value contrast is great, but I'd like to have the color a little less stark. It this were a watercolor, I might consider washing the entire "background" with a little transparent color. I could do that here, too... just cut another block... hmmm. Maybe. It looks like I only "lost" 2 prints of the 20 I started with (Aiming for 15), so I could mess around with a couple of them and see if it works.

Final verdict? Reasonably satisfied. Satisfaction with a new image is usually short-lived... I can always find something I'd like to do differently the next time around. Every time I print I either solve an earlier question OR add to the list of curiosities about the process. I think that's part of why I keep working... why any of us keep doing what we do, really. Just enough answers to keep us from giving up, but plenty of mysteries to keep us tantalized and on the trail.


  1. Hi Sherrie,

    I like where your diversity in color is going, sometimes if it's too new for us, we have a hard time seeing and accepting it. But put it in a frame and hang it and I think you'll love it. What do you do with your "lost" prints? Do you use them for collage, or just for scraps around the studio? This is my first comment on your blog, I've been looking at your work for a little while, thought I'd say hello.

    Lisa B.

  2. Hi Sherrie,

    I can't see anything wrong with this print. I like the dark ground colour, I think it lifts all the other colour values and gives great contrast. I'd be delighted if I'd pulled a print as good as this.


  3. Hi Lisa! Welcome, and thanks for chiming in. The "lost" prints sometimes do end up in other things. I've put parts of them in journals and other little handmade books... chopped them up to collage art trade cards... notecards... There is a bigger pile than I know what to do with, so sometimes they just get pitched.

    Thank you, Debra and Stuart! (Stuart! I didn't leave a comment yesterday, but now I will, because your comment about 5- or 6-color prints turning into 9 or 10... well... it's me all over!)

  4. Wow... LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors!!

    What a fabulous print...


  5. Thanks, Jen...

    I took one to the framer today in anticipation of a show in January after we get back.... we'll see how it looks all gussied up!

  6. Sherrie, I think it is fabulous! I for one love the colors. You know I'm a big fan.

    Have a safe trip.