Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blue ocean, redwoods, hot tunes

Or: David and Sherrie's Excellent Adventure, Part II.

I'm still trying to find my way to a new routine in a new place, conscious as always of the clock and the calendar... I REALLY need to figure out how to let that all go...

But in the meantime....

Last night the DM and I went to a house concert in the Bonny Doon "neighborhood." There are quotation marks around that word because it's probably not the sort of place you're imagining. (Unless you are the person we know who lives in the rainforest.) Despite a dot on the map marked "Bonny Doon," there is no town that we could find. There ARE however, amazingly twisty roads up and down through thick redwood forest. Dark and damp and mysterious forests punctuated by a few bright, clear, open spaces. Great fun, save for the folks who want to drive ridiculously fast through it all.

We had the presence of mind to head up whilst it was still daylight, which turned out to be wise. It would have been a challenge to find the house in the dark, and by giving ourselves plenty of time we were able to do a little sightseeing along the way.

We stopped first in Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park and took a walk through the forest. For arid interior dwellers like ourselves, the cool, dark, moss-covered, decay-wafting woods were a delight. I sniffed trees and turned over leaves like some sort of demented squirrel-bird... thank goodness we left the video camera in the car. After the park, and scouting out the location for the concert, we poked around the little town of Felton. Natural foods store, thrift store, restaurant that serves tasty pho, coffee shop, bar that hosts live music, community center... the entire package in two short blocks.

The concert was fabulous... Stickist Tom Griesgraber and Bert Lams of the California Guitar Trio performed feats of musical prowess whilst we curled up on a cushy sofa. I was completely ignorant of the house concert scene before the arrival of David in my universe, but it's an amazing way to hear great music in a comfortable, casual atmosphere.

Assuming you can find the house, of course.

This morning I was flailing around trying to get some materials together for an exhibition deadline next week. Not successful. So we piled in to the car and went on another expedition, this time to find a nearby beach. Which we did. It was an amazingly perfect morning... sparkling skies, crashing waves, not TOO many people. I found a few things to draw, which I'll post tomorrow, and David took a walk along the shore. Whew! That's better. This evening I've finally started to settle down. Exhibit statement is written, although I'll take another hard look at it in the morning. Journal got some attention. A week's worth of email triage was completed.

Hey, look at that! Thanksgiving holiday is two days away, and I've already got my gratitude list well in hand. Of course, I had a head start, since I'm always thankful for all of you. Whether or not you're celebrating this week, I send warm and cheery greetings your way.

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  1. Sounds like an excellent adventure so far, Sheri. We loved California when we traveled through there, many years ago.

    It's the wrong time of year now I suspect, but there's a Eucalyptus grove outside Santa Cruz with hundreds, if not thousands, of Monarch butterflies.
    My college room-mate lives in Santa Cruz and took us there. The butterflies were like blooms on the branches. Amazing!