Sunday, January 3, 2010

Carve, walk, print

Well, I've managed to keep this year more or less on track for three whole days already! Amazing! Tomorrow I'll hang my first show of the new year, at the Salida Regional Library as part of our local Art in Public Spaces program. The linocuts are already stacked in the car, ready for the two block drive to the library. (It seems so ridiculous to drive two blocks... we keep saying that we need a wagon. Not that an entire show's worth of framed work would FIT in a wagon. But it's a good idea...)

In between art-packing and laundry-doing I managed to get the third color down on the new lino. This was the most laborious carving of the piece (read: most material to remove from the block), and I'm only anticipating 5 colors, so golly! It's half finished already. Such a deal. My goal is to get it done by the end of this week... which seems easy enough until I start looking at the other items on this week's schedule. (Show to hang, illustrations to work on, and if the weather holds out, a Darling Man to take on a secret adventure as part of his holiday gift.) I'd keep my fingers crossed, but that would preclude getting any carving done...

Just in case a print of snow and shadows isn't chilly enough for you, here are a couple of little shots from our walk today. Yes, of course... I'm still looking "underfoot" for the series... although can you imagine trying to do either of these as linos? I'm tempted, but not yet completely out of my mind.


  1. Your 2010 is definitely off to a good, productive start! Congrats and stay warm!

  2. Sherrie, I love watching your reduction linocuts coming to life. It's a bit like a flower slowly blossoming. Happy new year, and thank you for writing this blog.

  3. Ghislaine, welcome! Thank you for commenting... especially because I can now keep track of YOUR blog.

    Gabrielle, I know that your year is off to a good start, too! Lovely trogon painting...

  4. Hey Sherrie sounds like a good start. This is going to be a good year for you and starting off with a show yea! I bet if you put your mind to it you could turn those last photos into linocuts.

  5. Oh, Toni.... you KNOW I'm thinking about it... seems like the abstract-y ice one would be a good chance to experiment with transparent inks... a nail-biter, for sure...