Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I know what you were thinking....

.... but you were just too polite to say so.

"There's no WAY Sherrie will stick with only 5 colors," you murmured to yourself. Perhaps even to others.

(sigh) I've become so transparent. Here's color 4. And, yes, I've decided I've at least two colors to go. The good news is, I'm still more than half done as long as I keep it to 7 colors or fewer, so it's not like I was entirely delusional.


  1. "She's just amazing," Richard is saying as he looks over my shoulder at that lino-in-progress. I would just say "Ditto," except that I are a writer, so I should say something more profound. 'Cept I can't think of anything. I can't wait to see the next color, and the next.... Congrats on the library show!

    BTW, Baja photos on my blog.

    (Susan T of the indigestible Typepad number)

  2. yep too polite to say ;) looking really good