Friday, January 1, 2010

Could there be a more perfect start to a new year? I think not...

After the plumbing adventures of Christmas weekend, we were due for a little holiday cheer around here. And by golly, we got it. I'd be hard-pressed to come up with a better start to a new year than the last 24 hours:

New Year's Eve....
1) Carving and printing of first color on a new linocut. (See below...)
2) Torchlight parade and fireworks with friends at Monarch Ski Area, just up the road from us, at dusk.
3) Fireworks AGAIN, this time in town at midnight, viewed NOT from the cold sidewalk, but from our cozy bed.

Skiers by torchlight, Monarch Ski Area, New Year's Eve

Tim, Denny, David, and hot cocoa in the ski lodge after fireworks.

New Year's Day:
1) Brunch with the DM at the café, friends and neighbors around us.
2) Carve and print second color on a new linocut.
3) Walk along the river with the DM.
4) A little drawing and painting in my journal, in solidarity with others of the Journal-Keepers tribe who were also working today.
5) Pork and sauerkraut supper... a tradition imported by the DM and wholeheartedly embraced by me!

Oh, yeah. Perfect.

Two blues. Hm. Do you think there might be snow involved? Sorry, all you Aussies and Aussie-ex-pats, no eucalyptus print yet... I'm feeling a little rusty after a month's hiatus, so starting with something a little simpler to get back in the groove. But soon. Promise.

Daylight view from the same window through which fireworks were viewed last night.
Winter remnants of summer blooms.

Here in the Rockies there are still a few hours left in this first day of 2010, just enough time to wish everyone good work, good friends, and good fun in the days ahead. Cheers, ya'll!


  1. Glad to hear your new year is off to a good start. All the best!

  2. very cold looking lino, well done :)

    both days do sound perfect, pass on the sauerkraut tho lol

  3. Only you could call this new linocut 'simple', Sherrie :) It looks beautiful already - full of dimension and pattern. A great start to the year if you'd done nothing else - but you also sketched! I love the little watercolour from your window. I always want to see more of your watercolours.

    Here's to a great 2010!

  4. WOW! There's that aspen print again - would be birchbark in northern MI. Beautiful. Your journal pages are fantastic - works of art in and of themselves. But of course!

    Best wishes to both of you in the new year, Lindy

  5. Happy second day of 2010, ladies! Thanks for checking in. Jennifer, I'll keep the 'kraut on my side of the table... Robyn, you flatter me, but thanks. ;-) Gabrielle, best wishes to you, and Lindy... so nice to "see" you when you pop in.

    Didn't make any more progress on the lino today, but perhaps tomorrow!