Thursday, January 28, 2010


The last few days have been spent focused on a client project, which went off this afternoon for final review. Whew! That feels good.

A stout, wet snow blanketed our little valley overnight, and that feels good, too. Snow plays a significant role in our local economy all year long, with skiing and other snow sports through the winter and rafting on a snow-melt-swollen river through the summer. Unless of course, there isn't any snow. Overall I think our snow pack is faring a tiny bit better than other parts of the state, but that's not saying much.

Yeah. Snow feels good.
A shift in work focus and a shift in weather have both done a lot to temper the runaway train feeling of last weekend. (Although there WAS the matter of a several-hour software headache yesterday, with completely unsatisfactory customer service on the part of the company in question. I'm trying to forget it.) I've started to turn my attention back to a print or two this evening, mostly I'm drawing up tiny things just to keep my print muscles loose. I'm still twitchy to try something bigger, but so far the "perfect" idea hasn't quite come my way.

Tomorrow promises to unfold as a "scratching" day. I will paw through sketches and go to meetings and have tea with colleagues and maybe print one color on one of these tiny blocks. Maybe go to the library. Catch up on blog reads. Take a deep breath. Downshift.

That. Feels. Good.


  1. You seem so full of energy through what I read on your blog. You achieve so much ! You deserve a relaxing week-end...

  2. I love the tiny details of your lino cuts.
    How are your eyes? When I work that small I need a magnifying glass.

  3. Well, thank you, Ghislaine! I'll give it a try. I'm not always good at relaxing, but I definitely need to learn how to do it.

    Barbara, don't get me started about eyes! I'm at that thoroughly annoying state of mid-life affairs, when a pair of reading glasses on every horizontal surface is a must. (sigh)

  4. I am still in denial about glasses and never seem to be able to find them even thought there are three pairs somewhere...
    o yea, and did I mention how much I love your work?