Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Adventures of Use-Only-Five-Colors Woman!

When we last left our hero, she had embarked on a new reduction linocut. Her mission? Pick only five colors and stick with them.

As you may recall, the effort began like this:

The second color was also a blue, but Use-Only-Five-Colors Woman neglected to take a photo. In the end this second color turned out so much like the first that it almost doesn't count. Too late to turn back now, though.

Third color... light ochre.

Fourth color... a darker ochre.

As frequently happens at this point, consternation ensued. The first ochre looked green, not yellow, and the value seemed too dark. The two blues were almost indistinguishable. But Only-Use-Five-Colors Woman would not be defeated by mere ink on paper. She carved some more and then printed the fifth color.

Take THAT, wicked value changes! Ka-POW evil color temperature! Don't even THINK about messing with Use-Only-Five-Colors Woman!

Use-Only-Five-Colors Woman strikes a triumphant pose, her super apron waves gently in the breeze.

But wait! Who's this? Oh no! It's the nefarious Just-One-MORE-Color Woman! She's engaged Use-Only-Five-Colors Woman in some sort of devious wrestling match. Will our hero have to hang up her super-apron? Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion.


  1. Hahahahahaha. You have made my day. I am tuning in for sure!

  2. Print look-um Pretty Good.

    Use-Only-Five-Colors Woman better stick to her Use-Only-Five-Colors guns.

    Just-One-More-Color-Woman is Rainbow Trickster-Woman in disguise.

  3. lol!

    *knocks just-one-more-colour women on the head* there, dealt with ;p

  4. Made my morning, waiting with baited breath to hear who won! (better be soon or I will faint from lack of breath.)

  5. Really enjoying the writing style, very funny and refreshing. Of course can't wait to see what happens next....
    Also enjoy the other responses.

  6. Oh my gosh, you all are TOO wonderful. The edition hangs drying on the rack... I suspect I might *secretly* try a sixth color on a few just to see if it actually does get any better. You know me... Perpetual state of pushing more than necessary.

    (Jen... the mental image of you knocking her in the head made ME smile all day.)

  7. Next time invite use only 4 colours woman and let rainbow woman add the 5th.