Friday, December 12, 2008

After the goofing off - the reckoning


Now that we've all wasted more time playing around than we care to admit, can I prove my earlier assertion that online slacking can lead to productivity?

Here's one of my many "Make-a-Flake" creations. It was simplified for its application to a 3"x3" lino block, but it's definitely where this whole mess started.

For a change I cut out the black lines of my design, instead of the spaces in between. This messed with my head in all sorts of ways, but this was the first result.

It was okay, but I wanted to give it some more depth, so I chopped out the background and printed again, this time with the graduated ink roll-up going in the other direction. I liked the way that looked, and printed it on all kinds of stuff: Hosho, some black scarpbooking paper, some dark blue handmade paper, Canson paper, tracing paper, glassine... if it was lying around, I smooshed ink onto it.

I even printed it into the new little Moleskine that arrived for Art House's sketchbook project. This might not have been a great idea, because it's taking a lot longer to dry on the Moleskine paper than it is on everything else. Oh, well!

And, of course, since the original idea was to give depth to the first print pass, I printed the second version over the first. In the end I couldn't decide what I liked best for a potential Winter Solstice greeting... so I put them side by side and...

I think that'll do, don't you?


  1. To think that those lovely things turn into rotting mounds of snow seeping blackly on the pavement and revealing the thousand sordid images of which your soul was constituted. Wait, that was T.S. Eliot. Revealing the food tossed by hurried teens around the park. And many crows. Shall I count them on Dec. 21?

  2. Oh my...Jeff's good! LOL I'm guessing the 21st is the Solida count. Good on ya! Have fun...

    As to the new prints; you just never cease to amaze me! WOW

  3. Yes, please, count all crows. And I want an exact figure. Greg and Sally had a several-hundred-crow-event at their house the other day. I want each of them by name.

    :-) Thanks, Bev... are you counting this week?

  4. Dang, several hundred crows? WOW (I have a special thang for corvids!)

    Yes, we’re counting Saturday the 27th…a couple weeks from now. It should be fun…it’ll be my first Christmas Count. It’s called the Spanish Peaks Count and will include La Veta and Cuchara. Should be fun.

    The other day I had a single crow on the very top of a tree…singing…er…cawing his heart out for quite awhile. We have lots of them around here…though I’ve never seen HUNDREDS at one time. What a sight it would be!

    Hope you see some unusual goodies (and it’s not too, too cold) when you count,