Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blame Jeff

Okay, so if compulsive virtual snowflake cutting hasn't ensnared you yet... you can also do your own Picasso-like image here and throw virtual paint like Jackson Pollack here. Do not blame me. Blame the Director of our local library, who should know better than to disseminate such things. But then, free and unlimited access to revolutionary, troublesome, and even controversial ideas and information is what libraries are all about. It's why we love them, eh?

More soon.


  1. More soon

    Don't you dare! And that goes for you too, Jeff.

    That Jackson Pollack page is great. I mean, I'm sure I'd find it great if I visited, which I didn't, of course.

  2. Exactly, Snail. Some things are for other people's joy, and we want them to have them.

  3. Be careful, Snail. He starts out talking about joy and pretty soon...well...