Sunday, December 14, 2008

One more week!

Winter Solstice looms lovely and comforting on the horizon. Next weekend is also the annual Salida Christmas Bird Count (yours truly, compiler)-- I always try to align those two events in meaningful constellation. The count and the solstice also usually coincide with the birthday of my friend and fellow bird-counter Randy. It's a tripley celebratory sort of day.

We just have to get there from here.

Yesterday was No-Rest-for-the-Wicked Day for the DM, who had two gigs back-to-back. Can you find the Chapman Stick player in this crowd at Apogee Studio (DM gig #2)? It's like "Where's Waldo?" for musicians.

And, hm... someone a while back noted (gently) my tendency to post less-than-clear photos if my mug is present. It's my personal manifestation of mid-life crisis: I generally hate photos if I'm in them. But here we are, in front of a lovely quilt by Lori Isenberger, at her exhibition opening at the Paquette Gallery (DM gig #1).

I, of course, spent both gigs schmoozing with friends and eating entirely too many holiday sweets. But, OOOOOOH! Look what I got:

This lovely box is by Betsey Downing. The lid is covered with hollyhock, piƱon, maple, and mountain mahogany seeds. Delightful! I was all set to acquire it for myself when my dear friend Jacque intervened and made it my holiday gift. Sneaky, she is.

Supporting local art ventures was still on my mind, though... so I also brought home this nifty little "mini screen" by Fay Golson. (sigh) I love having good stuff around, don't you?


  1. I can't believe I missed Fay's party. It was on my calendar at work, but I didn't go to work that day. But I went to two other parties that night, and so I'm not sure how I would have done if I'd started with Tom's hors d'oeuvre. I'd've been full before dinner. Please post the gig schedule for The DM ...

  2. Sherrie, I can see the Chapman stick player in the corner. Haven't heard that played in a long time. It's pretty amazing sounding for those with a mastery over it. I'll check your links.

    Noticed the chap in a Santa hat. I got to play Santa for the kids this past Saturday, it really knocked the wind out of me.

  3. Jeff wants a gig schedule. What am I? Social secretary? The DM plans to play at Open Mic at Bongo's on Friday. I dunno what time.

    John! You know what a Chapman Stick is! One of the few, the proud. Thanks. Playing Santa... I can't decide if you are brave or INSANE. :-)