Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

(It's actually not an image from today, when it's warmish and melting, but it looks nice, eh?)

Yes, it's been a bit of an art-free zone around here the last week or so. That little cold finally got to me (something about goofing around in bad weather with bighorn sheep gave it the upper hand) and I've been feeling decidedly sub-par. HOWEVER, I can still feel virtuous because I've jump-started my 2009 goals.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's true.

I am upgrading my database.

It's not the most exciting way to end a year, that's for sure, but it's going to feel REALLY good to have it all up to snuff. For the last four days I've been sneezing and coughing and drinking echinacea tea in front of the computer... testing demo software and making decisions and spending money in between naps on the sofa. (sigh) I'm way overdue for this task. I had perfectly functional files until two years ago, when I upgraded my computer system and, of course, rendered half of my previous life obsolete. The old mailing list data went "temporarily" and imperfectly into a spreadsheet, where it has languished all this time. Same thing for my artwork records. I'm almost embarrassed to admit it, except that the new year is less than 8 hours away and I'm determined to start it on a positive note.

We'll be keeping a low profile again tonight, and tomorrow I think we'll spend a little more time fine-tuning our goals for the year ahead. I gave up on the whole "resolution" idea years ago, but I always find it helpful to spend the time between winter solstice and the new year reviewing my accomplishments and sketching out a course for the months ahead. I always have WAAAYYYYY more ambition than energy to get it all done, but a least I feel a little bit focused.

So.... from our house to yours, we send our very best wishes for the new year. Is it gonna be challenging? You betcha! But hey, at least I'll be organized.

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  1. It's quite a common urge at this time of year - to get organised. Good luck! I'm looking forward to you getting back to art.


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