Sunday, January 4, 2009



Maybe you know this one:

I am twitchy to be working, but I am at a complete loss for a solid image. Vague ideas, only. Picking up and putting down sketchbooks, art books, writing books, picture books.... scanning websites.... looking through all my photos.... no no no. That's not it. Roaming about the house rearranging plants, pillows, dishes. Tried to go out for a walk today for a little change of scenery and inspiration. Too cold, too windy, too... icky. Tried to respond to questions for an online interview. Words are flat, too. The irony? One of the questions is about dealing with creative slumps.

(double sigh)

All we can do is try again tomorrow, eh?

Yeah, I bet you know this one.

Signs of stuckness: Books and sketches and photos and notes... and somehow still no ideas.


  1. Yes. Yes, I do.

    Inspiration will make an appearance soon, I'm sure.

    And I'm going to put my Happy New Year wishes here instead of the previous post because I'm a rugged individualist.

  2. I bet you have already started work on something! If I could just turn off the computer I'd probably be working too.

    Looking forward to peeking over your shoulder, Sherrie.

  3. I so hear you. You don't seem to stay stuck, long, though, so I have great faith!

  4. Inspiration is what happens when you're doing other things? (Thanks. You've given me the chance to use that phrase in public but anonymously. I can still react with disgust when my mother says things like that.)

  5. Thanks, all! I've still not latched on to "the next big thing," but I'm starting to lighten up about it a bit. I've got ideas, just nothing to back them up at this point! It'll come. One of these days. In the meantime, it's not like I can't be doing important things like updating my database, eh? :-)