Thursday, January 15, 2009

The big list of what's goin' on...

Suddenly things feel slightly out of control again. How does this always happen so quickly?

By tomorrow I'll be shipping two interpretive sign projects off to the fabricator: the long-suffering Garden of the Gods panel and the relatively painless Ramah State Wildlife Area panel. Hoorah!

Just in time, of course, because I've got NINE panels to do for the Collegiate Peaks Byway and TWO panels to do for Skaguay State Wildlife Area. (I've got proposals out on another 8 panels, if they all show up at the same time, I'm toast.) Also today 2 "rush" design and illustration projects arrived... YIKES.

In between all that, I'm having to put together prospectii for summer workshops. So, of course, I spent a big chunk of time doing something sort of related instead. I made these nifty "prompt" cards. In part it was because I wanted something for myself during those periods when my journal habit gets bogged down, but THEN! I started having fun, and imagining using these with classes this summer, and I just went sort of nuts. I think I've made 28 or 30 cards, two-sided, so 60 or so prompts. It's not unlike Oblique Strategies for journaling.

And, of course, I've started working a little on sketches for the next linocut (sorry, you can't see yet). Finally. AND I'm trying to work on the sketchbook project for Art House, but it's not going well or quickly.

Can't be in the studio ALL the time, though, so last night I went with the DM to his new weekly gig at Mother's Bistro in Buena Vista. Allow me to introduce Your Surrogate Cousins: Dave and Eric on Stick, guitar, and harmonica... with a little singin' thrown in for good measure.

PS: Pretty marvy stove they're snugged up against, eh? It wasn't on last night, thankfully.


  1. I know the feeling. One minute I have several jobs and the next minute it is slow. How do we figure out balance?

  2. Same here. One minute nothing. The next, a whole heap of something. But the something is so much more fun than the nothing.

    (You can tell I polished that statement until it was just right.)

  3. Balance? Balance? Elusive at best.

    But what's MORE disturbing is that I precisely understood Snail's statement. ;-)