Saturday, January 24, 2009

What silence hath wrought

In twos and threes:

A) The decision that, despite my desire to pare down the "stuff" of my world, I need to have three sketchbooks/journals going simultaneously. 1) An "idea" book in which messiness and lack of focus prevail. An "anything goes" book. 2) A sketchbook for focusing on, well, sketches and drawings and 3) A journal for mostly just writing. I've been trying to do all three in the same book, or maybe in 2 books, and it just isn't working. My mindset is different for each activity, and I find all it distracting to have a jumble of "attitudes" in the same book. We'll see if this works.

B) Three critical components: ink, paper, and a new lino block arrived. Goal is something on the new image tomorrow. (Compositions evolving in Idea Book, see A1 above.)

C) Two small client projects completed. Two more big ones added to the list.

D) Two juried show entries made and two workshop descriptions submitted.

E) Two full sets of prompt cards finished and ready for workshoppers.

F) We acquired two things I've always wanted: 1) A rocking chair (Local furniture store going out of business, imminent retirees anxious to unload everything. Hand them cash, and it's yours, cheap.) 2) An old typesetter's drawer, also cheap.

G) And we got two things we didn't want: 1) Stomach bug for the DM 2) Eye infection for me.

How's your week?


  1. I love the type setters drawer. I have a rocking chair so you can keep yours :o (but send me the drawer) :o

    I've had an interesting week watching a Cooper Hawk feast on a pigeon. you asked. Have a greta day tomorrow Sherrie.

  2. Very organised, Sherrie! I resisted first mention but now I'm going to have to ask what the prompt cards are for. Just ignore me if it's a stupid question.

    Love your typesetter's drawer - what a find. And I do hope tummy bugs and eye infections are on the way out.

  3. Toni, a Coops! How fun! One of the unexpected dramas from a feeder. :-)

    Robyn... the prompt cards are for journaling workshops. Some have words, some just pictures, some both.... they're just a way to jump start your practice if you're stuck. Which I've been a lot of lately, so I thought I'd make my own cure! ;-)

  4. And PS: The DM's tummy is back to normal and my eye is almost functional again... so I think we're gonna make it! Thanks for the good wishes.


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