Thursday, January 15, 2009


Friend, neighbor, and colleague Susan Tweit and her economist-turned-sculptor husband Richard Cabe stopped by yesterday to give me this lovely little creature. Yup, it's the 2009 Spring/Summer catalog for the University of Texas Press.

You'll note there's a cute little blue sticky note sticking out of one side.

That's because pages 22 and 23 have the ultra-lovely announcement of Susan's March-releasing new book, "Walking Nature Home."

What was really surprising, though, was that they put a great big image of one of my chapter heading illustrations on the spread. Wow! Yikes! Cool.

Grinning now.


  1. Wait ... that looks more like the work of God to me. Are you plagiarizing?

  2. Totally cool. I'm going to order a copy and have both of you sign it.

  3. Well, of course they put up a big copy of your illustration! They're smart--they love your work. ;~)

  4. Obviously I have to answer Jeff in a completely different mind set. To everyone else... thanks. And Susan T, methinks Susan JT is arranging some Tejas signings, so maybe you'll get to see her up close and personal-like.

    Jeff- Copyright law only goes so far back, so I'm pretty certain that the skies above are in the public domain. Or at least covered by Creative Commons.