Sunday, January 25, 2009

Slow as molasses in January...

...which would be a good simile except that it's been 60 F here for more than a week and everything's flowing smoothly.

Except my lino, of course.

It's all taking longer than expected, in part because I (GASP!) decided to actually THINK about the image before I dove in this time. I feel a little more virtuous about this method, of course, but it's definitely a new way to work.

I started with a series of photos, some of which I posted a little while back. Complex little monsters, they were. So I pasted copies into the "idea book" and started looking for simpler compositions within them. I found some nice ones, but harumph! What I really want is for this piece to complement "High Tide Detritus," as I ultimately envision a little set of 3 or more prints of the "stuff" under the feet of wanderers like me. In the end I decided that I need to stick with the most complex reference image I have. The scale relates to "Detritus", the intricacy relates... yup. Gotta be the most ornate one.

So I've started drawing the image on the block, but it's taking something akin to forever. It's about half done here....

I'm trying to work on a pre-mounted Speedball block this time. I've had fair success with these for intricate carving before... more so than my typically favorite battleship gray material.

Tomorrow things get a little out of control in the client realm, so I'm not sure how quickly this will progress the rest of the week. I'd say I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a rapid completion of this step, but it's REALLY difficult to keep working when my fingers are in such a position.


  1.'re going with the pine cones.I shall follow this with interest. Well, once I've finished this challenging portrait!

  2. Hi Sherrie - great image well worth the wait - and angst!! lol!! I will watch the progress - I do think it will go really well with the 'Detritus' image.

  3. you sure have captured my interest. It is so intricate but it will all come together and will (already is) wonderful.

  4. Gads, this is beautiful! Your work just keeps kicking it up notch after notch! You go, girl!

  5. Oh my goodness - it's splendid, Sherrie. I agree with zeladoniac that your keep kicking it up notch after notch and, trying to clamber up there after you just to get a look, is giving me altitude sickness ;)

    What a pleasure it is going to be watching you print this one.

  6. having played with lino recently I have even more respect for your skill! I'd never dare tackle anything so intricate - it's back to painting for a while for me!

  7. Gosh, ya'll! I can't decide if I'm flattered by all your confidence, or intimidated by it. But I suppose if this time I fall on my face, you'll all be there to pick up the pieces. :-) Thanks.

  8. really looking forward to this! :D I don't think you will fall on your face

  9. Yes! It's fabulous already, and no, you won't fall on your face. You just keep going deeper and getting better.

    Great finds on the rocker and the type drawer too. Is the DM better?


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