Thursday, March 12, 2009

Last push for the summit

It was a rough morning at the printing jig. Color #9 went down on the pine cone linocut, but it didn't do so without a fight. Ooph. I've decided that the next color will be the last, despite earlier plans to squeak one more in. It's just getting ungainly for reduction printing by hand, and I'm ready to get back to something simpler. I've actually queued up some more tiny blocks... think tiny linos in 2 or 3 colors! Could be fun, could be a nightmare. We'll find out, won't we?

There's still a little room in my bookmaking workshop this weekend. I received a roster of participants today and, whoo-ee! I know most of them... it's going to be a high-energy afternoon! I'm quite looking forward to it. So.... learn a skill, have some fun, and I guarantee some laughs, too. Come on up!


  1. Looking extraordinarily good now, Sherrie. How many prints are you going to finish up with?

    The little coloured series is something to look forward to.

  2. Ah, that IS the question, isn't it? At present I have lost 2 of 20 (one to bad register and one to accidentally printing the second color on the wrong side of the paper!) If I get more than 15, I'll be really pleased!

  3. wonderful print :D I am amazed at the amount of detail you are getting.


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