Saturday, March 28, 2009

More book news, a workshop, and an exhibition


Book signing party tomorrow (Sunday) at the Book Haven in Salida, 3:00-5:00 pm for "Walking Nature Home." Author Susan Tweit and illustrator Sherrie York (hey, that's me) will be present and accounted for. At least that's what the big sign in the window says. Yikes! The WNH Blog Tour comes to Brush and Baren next weekend. Maybe I should say something about the illustrations, eh?

This Wednesday, April 1 (yeah, yeah, I know), I'll be adding a few linocuts to the walls at the Café Dawn, 1st and G streets in Salida. Coffee, art, sunshine, and hanging out with the gang for the entire month. Chances are good you'll run into me there at some point.... given that it's 3 blocks from the house.

And just in case you need WAY more notice for your social schedule: I just added a new workshop to the summer schedule: "Journal Jumpstart," for those of us who have either let our journal practice wane or still need a kick in the pants to get it started. (Or for those of us who just need an excuse to go outside with our journals.) June 14, 9:00-noon:thirty, in Salida. Details coming soon at the GARNA website.

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