Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A wild hare

You just never know where linocut images might turn up.

Several weeks ago I received a lovely and polite inquiry about licensing a portion of one of my images for a unique project. It was an application I had never really considered before, but I was charmed by the request (a birthday present for the inquirer's wife) and curious about the potential results (custom embroidery on a bag). So.... why not? A quick negotiation, a digital handshake, and the project was underway.

This morning Ted (for that is the devoted and creative husband's name) sent me a photo of the finished bag... delightful! Perhaps you recognize the speedy hare in his new role as messenger, but just in case you need a reminder, you can find him in original context here.

The bag was produced by Seagull Bags of Columbus, Ohio. Photo and bright idea by Ted Tollefson. Happy Birthday, Megan!


  1. that looks great on the bag :D A lot of your other work would also look good embroidered on items.

  2. That's killer! How cool on a messenger bag like tha.

  3. We agree with Jennifer Rose (above) that quite a few of your other pictures would look great on messenger bags, too. ;-) Thanks for the kind words and beautiful artwork!

    -- Ted & Megan

  4. Fun, eh? Sort of makes me want to do one for myself... but maybe slow-moving tortoise would be more appropriate!

  5. Hi Sherrie - Yes, Turtlewoman has been quiet and no, you do not have the wrong URL. Just me - I have so much to write about and sooooooo many pics to download I ended up doing nothing for far too long.

    I do thank you for checking it and for asking. I must get back to that - perhaps tomorrow. I am reading "Walking Nature Home". There are almost no words suitable. I love your watercolors of the constellations. I wrote Susan and told her the parallels between parts of her book and parts of my life - including how she was introduced to Salida - are uncanny.

    The pic - view from Brown's Creek Trailhead - is sooooo beautiful. Oh how I miss the mountains and Salida. BTW - finished reading every word of CO Byways - fantastic. Salida is a "place of my heart".

    What a terrific idea - embroidery of one of your linocuts on a bag! Sounds like a new direction you might be able to take with your art. Also sounds like it could be another business entirely with all the attached headaches but I do love that bag. Hmmmmmmm!!!!!????? Turtles embroidered on ................ (you name it :))



  6. Hi Lindy! Glad to hear you're hanging in there... I completely understand how quickly one can fall behind... too much to do.
    If it's any consolation, last Sunday when we took that photo on Brown's Creek it was 71 F. Thursday this week it was 7 (seven!) F and snowing like mad. Springtime in the Rockies.



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