Sunday, March 22, 2009

Why stop now?

And they're OFF! The first official book release event for "Walking Nature Home" was a success yesterday afternoon. At least I think it was... I had to leave early to get to the reception in Buena Vista... but there was a nice crowd and methinks there were probably a number of books sold. Hooray!

The reception at Mother's Bistro was nice, we met some interesting folks, and the DM and I stayed after for yummy food (chicken tamales and pork molé... mmmmm.) When we got home... I dunno... I was just in a mood. I decided I would draw up a tiny lino block to do in color.

And then I decided I would carve it for the first color.

And then I decided I would print the first color.

And then I decided I would carve for the second color.

The interesting thing is that, having just made some glib remark about every project having its own challenges, I think doing these itty bitty things in color might end up being a greater registration challenge than the larger pieces. The little sheets of paper are just... flighty, I guess. There's no intrinsic weight to hold them in place as I drop them, nor are there long edges to stay firmly in the jig. The tendency to cattywompishness is high. Hmmmm.

(Here's a funny thing... the Blogger spell check is NOT alerting me to the word "cattywompishness.")

Anyway... we'll just see as we go along, I guess. I intend a completely civilized 4 colors for this little image.


  1. Congrats to you and to Susan for a successful first official book release event for "Walking Nature Home". My copy is on its way, or so the book seller says. I'm very anxious to read it.

    Your little linocut flower is so pretty. I will be looking for further color pics as you proceed. My only hope for "creativity" today is to post on my blog the desert wildflower pics I took while on our walk this morning. I even got a close-up shot of Molly's nose as she stuck it in front of the camera - our always curious Beagle. :-D


  2. Lindy! So nice to hear from you... I've been wondering how you are. The T-woman site has been quiet... hmmm... where are you posting these days? Have I got the wrong address?

  3. Hi Sherrie - Yes, Turtlewoman has been quiet and no, you do not have the wrong URL. Just me - I have so much to write about and sooooooo many pics to download I ended up doing nothing for far too long.

    I do thank you for checking it and for asking. I must get back to that - perhaps tomorrow. I am reading "Walking Nature Home". There are almost no words suitable. I do love your watercolors of the constellations. I wrote Susan and told her the parallels between parts of her book and parts of my life - including how she was introduced to Salida - are uncanny.

    The pic - view from Brown's Creek Trailhead - is sooooo beautiful. Oh how I miss the mountains and Salida. BTW - finished reading every word of CO Byways - fantastic. Salida is a "place of my heart".

    What a terrific idea - embroidery of one of your linocuts on a bag! Sounds like a new direction you might be able to take with your art. Also sounds like it could be another business entirely with all the attached headaches but I do love that bag. Hmmmmmmm!!!!!????? Turtles embroidered on ................ (you name it :))



  4. Sooooo tricky - colour reduction lino. I only ever did one. I wonder how big an edition you're doing. It's looking gorgeous with the 2nd colour on.


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