Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back to gray

The first color I pulled on this new linocut was a very pale gray... and here I am at color #5 and I'm back to gray again. What's up with that?

At last, however, you can finally see that there are, indeed, mussel shells here. From this point on we'll be working on the rocks and eel grass in between... the shells are pretty much done and there's no going back. I'm hoping I can do what needs to be done in just two more color passes. We'll know after the next one.


  1. Hi Sherrie

    Getting caught up here. Wow how do you not loose your focus. I would have to really concentrate on not cutting away the wrong part. I still find it amazing to watch the images emerge as you lay down one color after another.

  2. Focus? I'm supposed to be focused? Dang. I KNEW I was forgetting something. ;-)

    Actually, there's a shell that I neglected to carve out in this pass, so it's now buried under gray and will have to be converted to stones or something. Don't tell anyone.