Friday, November 28, 2008

How I spent Thanksgiving morning

Dealing with technology problems! Argh!

The tiny linos have friends! I expanded and renamed the Small Print Gallery the other day to include many of the linocuts I've done that are 4" x 6" or smaller. Somehow in doing so, all the PayPal code disintegrated and stopped working. Of course PayPal has changed their code-generating system since I originally built the page, too... so everything just fell apart. Bless my friend and web guru Mark, who was willing to pop over for a few minutes yesterday morning to help me troubleshoot. (I expect such dedication was helped by the fact that we were due at their house for Thanksgiving supper in the afternoon and that we were bringing "his" apple pie.)

At any rate, I think it's all working now... so pop on over and see what's been added.


  1. Oh my Sherry…every time I visit you continue to WOW me! What a good idea to include the additional ‘small cuts’…perfect! And STUNNING.

    I have to admit there was one I had to see…and was sorely disappointed. My name is Beverly; do you know what it means. Yeah, most names mean fun stuff like ‘God’s child’ or ‘Chaste’ or ‘Sweet’ or some other such thing. Beverly means (and it’s always on the boy’s side!)… wait for it:

    By the beaver pond.

    Sheeshhhhhhhhhhh… So you do know I was hoping, on closer inspection, your porky was a beaver. I’ll wait…

    Good work, kiddo! I have always loved tilting at windmills, too. [sigh]

  2. And…congratulations for yet another 'little thang' you do!

    It’s no surprise you and Susan would be friends. How lucky for us you also, sometimes, work together!

    Thank you, too!

  3. Oh, Beverly! I'm so sorry it wasn't a beaver! One of these days.....

    And thanks for alerting me to that sneaky Susan's post. ;-) Fabulous news about her fellowship, eh?


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