Friday, November 28, 2008

The end is near!

The carving is finished for the last color of the shell linocut, started here and developed here and here and here. Oh. And here and here.

Geez. Is everyone sick of this thing already?

I anticipate printing tomorrow, but today we're off to find a TREE! It snowed a little overnight, so we're waiting a bit to see how the roads look before we bundle ourselves into the Cruiser. We're also going shopping for a new bed... our holiday/anniversary gift to ourselves. The one we're sleeping on now was passed on to me by friends almost 9 years ago, and it was slightly saggy THEN.

Tonight is the annual parade and lighting of Christmas Mountain. It can't possibly be that time again! Film at 11:00.


  1. I have to admire anyone who can stick with reductions! When I learned that in class and had to wait a week before the next was too frustrating. SO now I'm a fingers-in-the-ink printer. (But I do love your work.)

  2. Nope...not tired of it at all. I just love watching 'the unveiling'; you work magic!

  3. Dinah, I can understand the frustration about waiting between steps... but as I usually have about 14 things going on simultaneously, I don't always notice these days! (And sometimes I need a couple of days to recover between inkings, anyway! ;-)

    Beverly, thanks again for your sweet "atta girl" notes... they always cheer me!