Sunday, November 23, 2008

The carving continues...

Bet you're wondering what happened to the linocut. It's still in progress. The latest carving stage has been long and intricate, but it's finished now and ready to print. I'm going to give the prints another day or so to be certain they are dry before I print this next color... so look for an update tomorrow or Tuesday.

Keeping track of where I'm going and what I should be carving can be a little tricky, especially since I don't typically map out a color plan before I start. At this point, however, I think I only have 2 colors to go, so I can apply my tried-and-true Sharpie application method of remembering where I've been and what's left to carve.

It's SO high tech.

Basically I have a nice, fat, chisel-tipped Sharpie pen that I use to run over the sections I've carved. The contrast makes the image easier to decipher, and running the pen lightly over the raised surfaces can sometimes show where I've missed a spot. I can't do this from the beginning in multi-color prints, obviously (it would cover up all the carving-to-come), but since we're nearing the end game I can use the pen and be mindful. There won't be a lot to carve between colors 6 and 7. It's best, by the way, to NOT use a brand-spankin'-new pen for this, because all that nice, juicy ink can sometimes run down into tiny detailed carving. If the pen is a little dried out, you can rub across the surfaces and not worry about ink bleeding into the carved areas.

So here it is, ready to go. I skipped the Sharpie application in places where I still need to see delicate carving details, but everywhere else is good to go. Keep your fingers crossed....


  1. Interesting! I would be worried the sharpie would get on the ink and onto the print.

    I'm anxious to see what it looks like when you are done.

  2. Yes! That's another reason not to use a new, juicy pen and to wait for the last, darkest colors to go down. The first time I did a reduction print I thought I was very clever to draw the thing in multiple colors of Chartpak markers. Bad idea, as it got in to the inks as you anticipated. Usually by the second or third impression it was all out and one could carry on just fine.

  3. Looking good Sherrie.

    For my money I like my blocks better than the print, sometimes.

    Look forward to seeing the result.

  4. Hi, John! You're right... there's something about the patina and texture of a carved and printed block. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with all my old ones. I have an idea to use them along with tile in some sort of project, but nothing clear yet!


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