Friday, November 7, 2008


The show is up at the café, but I was too tired at the end of the day to take photos. I'll do that today when I'm out running errands.

The DM and I both consumed too much caffeine during the exhibition mounting process. I was restless and he was completely awake most of the night. Bad us. But this morning I only slept in about a half hour, and then was up and at it to print the third color on the new shell linocut. Since this color is almost dark enough that progress can be observed, I thought I'd post some images.

If you've ever wondered why a lot of the photos I post seem to have a greenish background... well... here's your answer! An ancient Borco cover still protects the surface of my working table. It's critical when printing on this table to be certain that several sheets of white paper lay under my inking glass. It's a detail one would neglect precisely once, I think. Accurate color mixing against a green background? I don't think so.

You're also correct if it appears to you that I'm working on an angled table. At the present time this might be set up a little TOO angled, as pencils have a tendency to roll off the edge, but I find it's easier on my back to stand and rub prints with a slightly angled surface below me. I also do drawing and painting at this table, so....

Still difficult to tell what's happening here, but you can start to see a hint of image resolution. Three colors down, and I think at least 3 more to go. This makes me nervous, because I typically start having a little trouble hand-rubbing prints at color #5. Not sure why this is.... I try to keep my ink layers as thin as possible.... I imagine there's some really simple, dope-slap of a solution. I just haven't found it yet.

More later, after I go check the exhibition. By light of day, what will I discover? That we hung something upside down? That labels are wrong? Hopefully none of that... but we WERE pretty caffeinated. One never knows.

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