Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hangin' day

The nice thing about an exhibition of mostly-tiny linocuts is that it's a lot easier to fit in the car. No struggling with ginormous frames and glass this time!

Usually when I've mounted an exhibition at the Salida Café I've had a rich array of helpers. As a matter of fact, several times I've been relegated to putting up labels. Period. All the aesthetic decisions, ladder climbing, and wire cutting were taken out of my hands. Literally.

THIS time my trusty crew are all off on their own adventures (teaching school, doing a book tour, preparing to open the ski shop, taking their offspring hunting), so it will just be the DM (a show-hanging virgin) and I. For a while last night it even looked as if the DM would be called away and I would be tempting tangled wire fate alone! Ack! Thankfully his schedule rearranged itself and I'll get to boss him around.. errrr.... benefit from his expertise.... this afternoon after all. But, GEEZ! I can't give the man any sharp implements to work with today. He's already cut his finger, and we NEED those fingers to provide music at the reception. I guess it will be the DM relegated to label affixing this time.

So the work is piled by the door, along with trusty pliers and wire and duct tape. (NEVER leave home without duct tape.) Labels are made, business cards are printed, exhibition statement is mounted. I think we're ready!

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