Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's done!

Five hours and ten very tired fingers later, the as-yet-untitled mussel shell linocut is finished and drying happily on the rack. Yippee!


  1. When you commented (at Idle Thoughts) that you'd finished this, I had to come and see. Your registration is impeccable!

    And I'm on the same anti-commercial wavelength at Christmas time. Supermarket staples back-shelved to make room for the mindless junk..grrr!
    But your local light ceremomy is, surely, how it should be everywhere.

  2. this is gorgeous! the detail is wonderful

  3. Thanks, Jennifer and Idle!

    Registration is helped by a) doing the print as reduction and b) a groovy little jig that has evolved over time. I should post about this nifty creature soon.

  4. That's awesome, Sherrie! You just get better and better with every print. This one is a real outstanding beauty.

  5. Beautiful!!! so much lovely detail. Amazing

  6. Squisita! Awesome too :)

    I look forward to a post about your groovy little jig too, Sherrie. And may I ask, do you use oil based or water based printing inks and do you soak your prints between colours?

    I've really fallen in love with the reduction print process through your work. Dying to try it in a simplified form.

  7. It's ABOUT time. That was an impressive line of prints hanging in your studio. Did they all come out? Not that I want you to reveal any secret info about loss rates or anything.

  8. Way cool Sherrie! You never cease to amaze me with your vision. Next time I'm Salida way I'll definitely have to stop. But in the meantime guess it'll have to be online from my mountain to yours. Lani

  9. This is a beautiful piece. I love your work.

  10. Wow. Simply *wow*.

    It looks like it the sort of thing one could stare at for hours and see something new all the time.

    I loved your "grinchy" post, too. I feel the same way about the Christmas holiday--it has gotten to be entirely too commercial and greedy for my taste. But this year, I dunno, I put up a tree, and wreath, and garland. I've been baking like crazy. I'm buying and receiving very few presents, and the ones I am giving, I'm going to try to make myself. And I feel a little bit...festive-ish. :-)

    Tis the season, indeed.

  11. Wow, this came out AMAZING!!!!

    Do you have an Etsy store??


  12. Golly! Thanks everyone! I'm blushing. (But not-so-secretly pleased that everyone likes it. Whew!)

    Let's see...

    Jeff- losses look to be only 2 of 20, but I'll pick through them more carefully once they are dry. I was going to be ecstatic if I got 15, so it looks good.

    Robyn- Oil based inks. I've been using the Daniel Smith relief inks and been happy for the most part. Dry paper all the time. I've never tried hand printing on damp paper...

    Jen- No Etsy store YET, but it's on the list of things to do. The small print sales page on my website was the first step to figuring out logistical things like shipping. Hoping to get that organized soon.

    Thanks again, everyone... it's been better than grinchy holidays to have such nice notes from you all. ;-)


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