Monday, November 24, 2008

Six down, one to go!

Happiness is a long line of almost-finished linocuts drying on the rack! (MORE happiness will be a long line of completely finished prints.)

Color #6 went down without a hitch today... WHEW! It was slow going, but no major crises. I'd like to keep going, of course... now I see places I would have liked even more color depth... but the next, darkest color will be the last for this image. I'm getting twitchy to start something else!

Speaking of starting something else... last night on a whim I signed up for the Art House Co-op's Sketchbook Project. (Because I need another thing to do, right?) Art House sends each participant a little Moleskine sketchbook, participants have until February 15 to fill it up based on a theme, and then ALL of the little books are displayed in multiple venues around the country. Sounds like fun, eh?

Part of the reason this little project appeals to me is that my own journaling/sketchbook habit has suffered a bit in the last few months. Inertia has set in, so I'm hoping the Art House project will give me a little kick in my complacency.

In other news, the Darling Man and I celebrated our anniversary this weekend with a hike on the Colorado Trail to Harvard Lakes. Hiking at 10,000 feet in November without snowshoes seems not quite possible, but there we were.

Obligatory goofy-looking camera-propped-on-rock shot below.


  1. Love how the print is turning out. So much detail.

    Now you got me interested in the sketchbook project. hmmm will have to think about that one.

    Now see I want to see a larger picture of the two of you. Awesome you got out for a hike.

  2. Congratulations and belated happy anniversary, Sherrie. Looked like a gorgeous day.

    My head is spinning, wondering just how you keep a seven colour reduction in your head. This is looking very beautiful. And I am looking forward to your sketchbook project too.

  3. Hi, ladies! Thanks for the good wishes. :-)

    I think, Robyn, that the trick is NOT to keep seven colors in my head. Just one or two at a time. I have to think about the color I'm carving for... and what I intend to put down on top of it... but that's it. Ideas tend to come with each step for me. I dunno. It's probably not "normal," but it works for me!

    Hmmm... a picture of the DM and I. Generally I'm not very photogenic, but I'll see what I can turn up. ;-)

  4. Well, that print is going along splendidly!

    Looks lovely and sunny on that walk, but I guess it's really quite cool.

  5. Wow, the print is turning out very well!

    Can't wait to see what you do with the sketchbook project.

  6. Hi Snail! How about cool in the shade (some places held a little snow) and warm in the sun? I felt like a snake, always hunting for the right place to be.

    Carving of the last color will hopefully happen today!