Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy 500th Post Day!

Yes, indeed, it's Brush and Baren's 500th Postiversary! Probably slightly disappointing to those who thought I'd be announcing I'd won the lottery or was moving to France (come to think of it, it's slightly disappointing to ME on those two counts)... but this is what the Mystery Countdown was all about.

Brush and Baren launched at the very end of 2006, with no clear purpose and only a haphazard sense of timing, but Oh! The places it's taken me since! I can no longer imagine a world where I don't have friends and colleagues (and sympathizers!) connected by a shimmering web.  Readers, lurkers, commentors... fellow artists, writers, picker-uppers-of-things-on-the-ground, and delighters-in-nature-all-around... I thank you all for making my life rich and resplendent.

So put on your party hats and toot your party horns, it's time for a present from me! Wish Brush and Baren a happy birthday by commenting on this post. The first 10 people to comment will receive a little party favor and from ALL the comments I receive one will be chosen at random to receive the linocut Deep, which readers watched unfold right here this winter. But hurry! Deadline to comment is July 7 at midnight Mountain Standard Time. Let the celebration begin!

(Oh. And PS: It's my brother Steve's birthday today, too. We can include him in the good wishes. Really.)


  1. Hooray for 500!! Congratulations to you! I love love love your blog, seeing your creative process, and just having this way of keeping up with what's happening with you.

    PS Happy Birthday, Steve!


    --oops, I mean, CONGRATS!

  3. Happy Postiversary Sherrie and happy birthday Steve.

    I really enjoy your blog, following your creative practice and learning about life in the Rockies. I always save your posts til last in my blog list to read - rather like saving my favourite chocolate, or cake topping to savour.

    I love the suspense when you are creating a lino print. Just wish I could be as productive as you, but guess I need to perhaps work smaller and experiment more.

    Love your work and hope you continue to post for many years to come.

  4. What they said.

    500 posts! Yikes. In addition to congratulations on making it to the half-thousand mark (and felicidades to Steve too), I want to say congratulations for exploring your voice, both in words and images. You and your art have grown since you started this blog, and it's a cool thing to watch.

    So, on to a thousand posts! (And what will the blogosphere look like by then, I wonder--will we all be reading on iPads?)

  5. Congratulations!! You've been an inspiration to me for sure. I've enjoyed every post and always look for the next one. And Happy Birthday to your brother.

    Margie Joy

  6. You have been an inspiration ever since I found your blog. Congratulations and keep on bloggin'!

  7. Congratulations! It is quite an adventure, isn't it? I'm so glad to have met you online. The camaraderie and support the internet provides is a wonderful, human thing.
    Congrats again!

  8. Well, toot-toot!You have shared so much on this blog I really do take off my hat to you.Long my you continue, picking up moths, carving teeny-weeny chips of lino, counting of my favourite blogs. So, happy anniversary and thankyou.

  9. Happy 500th. That's a wonderful achievement, Sherrie. And happy birthday to Steve too :)

    I'll be back to catch on all the posts I've missed in these past weeks.

  10. Congratumalations from a non-commenting lurker with a link to here on my blog. I do follow all the posts, honest! As someone already said, it's the creative process that's so interesting to follow.

  11. Congratulations! That's a lot of posting. Looking forward to the next 500 and beyond.

    (Happy B-day! Steve).

  12. Congrats!! Keep up the great work- always love to see what you are working on or doing. Best- Bill

  13. Congratulations. Hopefully the first of many more milestones to come.

  14. happy blog birthday :)

    and happy birthday to your brother steve too!

  15. And a Very Happy 500th post. Congratulations. And Happy Birthday to your brother, Steve!

  16. Happy 500th Sherrie! I very much enjoy reading your blog, it's one of my favorites. I just had a celebration as well, my blog's 1st year anniversity. Not very many postings myself, something to work on, but I'm still much in awe of the way your blog is so interesting, easy to read, full of wonderful art, and always something new to learn about, it's something to aspire to. Thank you for sharing your art and living out loud so we can see from all over the world- here's to another 500!
    Lisa B.

  17. Happy 500th!! You're looking good for your age! LOL!

  18. Hooray hooray!
    I feel exactly the same way about blogging...amazing where it takes us, and whom we meet, and who comes to visit our blogs, isn't it?!
    This print has such that Japanese feel to it, very nice.

  19. WOW! 500! Congrats and congratulations to those first 10 people. I've been out painting and fell totally out of the loop for a few days.

    The hummingbird pic. is delightful as are all your pics. Seeing moose must have been really exciting. Oooooh - I'm making myself homesick.

    I've spent time at St. Elmo's but am wracking my brain over Green's Creek - just can't place it?????

    Congrats again. I'll be reading away on your way to 1000.


  20. 500 posts, wow. Well done, and congrats. It's a great blog, Sherrie, and I always enjoy reading your adventures. Now that I'm somewhat otherwise occupied with a little new addition, I'll be checking in less frequently, but I'll still be reading!! Keep 'em comin' - here's to another 500 and another and...

  21. Congratulations! As a newbie printmaker (and even-newbier blogger), your posts and art are always inspiring.


  22. 'Congratulations'

    Wishing you a very happy 500th blog post birthday, that is some achievement.

    Since I have found your blog you have given 'me' and my fellow bloggers a visual encouragement and inspiration to pick up tools and get printing again.. For this I thank you, and for returning me to the wonders of print.

    I also enjoy the little snipits about your life around Salida, and for the wonderful walks you take us on when working on one of your lino prints, not forgetting the humming birds...we have sparrows!

    So with my inky fingers and a smile I wish you all the best for the next 500...

    Waiting in anticipation....

    Best wishes ~ Julie

  23. Congratulations, Sherrie! Don't know which I enjoy more, your delightful artwork or your wit & humor. Keep up the good work.

    My best wishes to Steve. Long may he relish and thrive.

    Hugs, Beki