Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A shipping agent's best friend

Unless you're a shipping agent who doesn't actually like to deliver things, you were happy to visit my house today! Except for the part about having to pay for (almost) everything myself, it felt like Christmas or my birthday or something.

First: I'm gearing up for my linocut demo this weekend at ArtWalk* and workshops in July at the Crested Butte Wildflower Festival. The latest box of goodies for my classes arrived today.. this time it's the cheap-and-simple starter supplies for beginning relief printing. Oooooooooooh!

Second: My good friend Tony (now my VERY good friend Tony) visited last week from the east coast and brought with him a "loaner" digital SLR camera body! I've been longing for something other than my little point-and-shoot for a long time, but haven't been in a position to bite the bullet and invest in new equipment. But with a camera body in hand, I had to buy a lens... so at least the process is started. The new lens was box #2 today....

And finally.... WOOT! WOOT! Friend and colleague Carla Sonheim has a new book on the brink of release, and my "contributor copy" arrived! You'll be hearing more about "Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists" in July, which is not that far away! Congratulations, Carla! The book looks fun and inviting. (And yes, I received a contributor copy because a couple of the exercises use my drawings as examples!)

The DM is off in the morning to collect his friend Matt from the airport (a 2-hour jaunt each way from here) and I'll be staying home to ensure Matt has a clean guest room to sleep in. In between playing with art supplies, a camera, and a new book, of course.

*I''ll be at the Book Haven, venue #41 on the map.

Mystery countdown: Three.... (the drumroll is starting...)


  1. Parcels! Woo hoo!

    Sorry. I'll compose myself.

    But I've got some books and field equipment heading my way, so I'll borrow some of your excitement until they arrive.

  2. Drum rolls are always so exciting. :-D

    Camera - can you tell us more about it? The trouble with cameras is - point-and-shoot will fit neatly into a pocket or handbag, etc. Cameras that really capture the image are always larger, heavier, and require extra "carrying space". However, I am really tired of my terribly unsophisticated point-and-shoot. I am no where near anything resembling a photographer and have no reason, earthly or otherwise, to invest in something more expensive but . . .

    We shall see. Perhaps you can tell us what this new camera body is - brand and model please? :-D


  3. I expect a full parcel inventory report, Snail. Share the wealth, as they say.

    Lindy, it's a Canon 20D body, and I just bought a 75-300mm lens for it. My primary plan for this camera is to be able to take my own reference images for artwork. Once upon a time I put a lot more wildlife in my prints than I have been lately. When I lived near Denver I had ready access to zoo and museums for life drawing and reference but here, not so much. It will definitely be a more cumbersome system, but hopefully it will inspire some new ideas.

    Assuming, of course, I ever figure out how to use the darn thing. So far I can take pictures with everything set to "auto"!