Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Recap and drumroll

Wow! What a weekend! The Darling Man's chum Matt was here for ArtWalk, so between David's three music gigs, my demo, and a little art walkin' we piled into the Cruiser for the Highlights of Central Colorado tour. Whew! We're POOPED.

ArtWalk was, as always, a fun and festive event. Art, music, performance (as you'd expect), mud people, stilt walkers, and belly dancers (as you might not expect). David and Matt boggled the minds of folks who had never seen or heard either a Chapman Stick OR an EWI and were suddenly faced with both. I gave a linocut demo on Saturday that was well attended by engaged and curious folks... always a treat.

It's a Windwood reunion tour! Sort of.

Friday, before the real craziness set in we took Matt up our local Greens Creek for a short hike (which we needed to work off what was fast becoming FoodFest weekend). It was the first time we'd been up that trail this season, and it was fabulous to be in a lush riparian creek drainage. As a follow-up to last week's moth theme... the place was full of butterflies! Black swallowtails and admirals were the most dramatic. (I feel a new lino coming on....)

On Sunday we went on an epic tour to the "ghost town" (now partially inhabited and under restoration) of St. Elmo, over Cottonwood Pass, through Taylor Park to Crested Butte, Gunnison, and back home over Monarch Pass. I always think it's important to get visitors up on the Continental Divide at least once while they're here. How many times does one get to stand on the spine of a continent and throw snowballs in June, after all?

Cottonwood Pass, elevation 12, 123 ft., on the Continental Divide

Highlight of the trip for me was the spotting of a MOOSE! Uncommon critters in these parts, and exciting to have a chance to flex the new camera! I certainly need to spend time working out all the little details of focus (auto or manual?) and zoom (75 or 300?), but it was fun to give it a whirl. David got some nice video of the beast, too...

As always, though, it's back to work today. I've a zillion and one things to do... although now that I'm at the end of this post I have only a zillion more to go. Our Mystery Countdown now stands at ONE, and I know you're all sitting on the edges of your computer chairs, waiting for The Big Reveal.
Here's a hint: get out your party hats and noise makers, 'cause there's gonna be a little celebration.

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  1. Great post Sherrie! I have never spent much time in Colorado but you make me want to go there for a serious vacation. You are a wonderful ambassador for the state.