Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lots of progress, not much to see

In fit of questionable sanity, I got on a little printing roll in the last 24 hours. Spurred in part by the knowledge that I'll be mostly out of the studio in the next two weeks (and in part by waiting for others before progressing on other projects) I decided to throw caution to the wind and print successive colors over still-damp layers. I did add dryer to the inks along the way, so I don't think I've made too much trouble for myself... but we'll just have to see.

I apologize that these images are so poor. Bad lighting, a camera that's becoming temperamental, and wet ink do not for good photography make.

First color on the new linocut, an ocher-y yellow. This pre-mounted block has a flaw in it that I tried to sand out but was not completely successful. I'm not too concerned, though. One of the nice things about hand printing is that I can do a little judicious nudging of ink into a low spot and overcome the problem.

Second color, a light salmon.

Difficult to tell precisely what's happening here, but a darker ochre color went on third.

And then a gray as the fourth color. Nothing is resolving at this point in terms of image, although I promise the colors look better on the drying rack than they do in these shots.

I'm hoping everything will be dry enough in the morning for one more pull before leaving for a few days. Keep your fingers crossed!

Mystery countdown: Eleven

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  1. Wow! Four colors in one day. Quite the gauntlet you have thrown down. Very impressive. Isn't each layer a thrill to see that first time?