Monday, June 7, 2010

Magic number 7

Did get color 7 on the new lino today. Minor disappointment that my two greens have lost their contrast now, but the gray is starting to mellow, so I'll take it.

Colors 5 & 6

Color 7

Mystery countdown continues: NINE

(Oh, PS: Yesterday the Arkansas River runoff hit 4700 cfs, putting last week's 3500 to shame. That's what 97 degrees will do for ya.)


  1. number 9! o.0

    looking really good :D

  2. WOW! Almost as hot in Salida as it is here in the Sonoran Desert. Not totally unusual though. I remember days in Salida when temps would go slightly over 100 in the afternoons. The nights are a different story - glorious once the sun sets behind the 14ers.

    I imagine the rafting outfits are having a great time with those numbers. :-D Brown's must be quite exciting right about now.


  3. Actually, Lindy, they've had to close commercial boating. Water is too high, too fast, and too high under bridges for boats. Eek. Even the side streams are running like mad.

    I love spring runoff, but getting it all at once is a tad extreme. And I'd rather not be headed to Albuquerque tomorrow in 100 degree temps, but whaterya gonna do? :-)

    Think it's time to go look at the river again!

  4. I just passed through Salida & southern CO the last few days, the streams and rivers are incredible! We spent a few nights camping next to "creeks" that sounded like roaring waterfalls!

  5. We used to raft on the Rio Grande in the spring when I lived in Taos. It was terrifying. Water like that is not to be messed with.

    I never tire of watching these layers build.